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How to choose the best coffee makers and machines for your coffee taste. Coffee grinders, roasters, cappuccino, espresso, & more.

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Coffee Makers - Traditional?, Manual?,
Modern?, Super-Automatic?

Confused about which coffee maker to buy? Want to make great coffee but don't know whether to perk, boil, drip, filter, brew or steam? Coffee Makers Cafe is here to help.

Whether you are adamant the perfect cup of coffee should be served strong and black, or you succumb to the delights of sugar and cream, there is a coffee maker for you.

If you are a purist at heart, you may prefer a manual espresso machine for an uplifting caffeine hit. Or, perhaps you would rather let the wonders of modern technology wait on you - grinding and brewing coffee to your individual taste. Easier still... why not indulge in the warm flavors of one of the newest coffee maker pods?

However you enjoy your coffee, traditional or modern/cafe-style, we welcome you to our internet guide to coffee makers and coffee machines - kitchen appliances bringing the wonderful aroma and taste of coffee to your home.

In the pursuit of great coffee, one encounters many challenges. Not the least of these is choosing a coffee maker to suit your own personal taste. We hope to make your decision easier by presenting information most pertinent to choosing a coffee maker, without overwhelming you with exhaustive detail. Just follow our guides to choosing coffee grinders, coffee roasters, cappuccino machines, espresso machines, milk frothers and more by clicking on the links below, or the navigation bar to your right of screen.

Follow these steps for happy coffee making!...

Step 1 - To Espresso or not to Espresso?:
The first step to choosing your coffee maker is to decide whether you would prefer an espresso machine or other (drip, filter, percolator, etc.). This article helps you decide.

Step 2 - Manual, Steam, Pump, Automatic or Super-Automatic Espresso Machines?:
If after reading Step 1 you decide that an espresso machine suits you best, the next step is to choose the type of espresso machine. Should it be manual or automatic? Should it use the steam or pump method of extraction? This article helps you decide.

Step 3 - Drip, Filter, Plunger or Combination Coffee Maker?:
If after reading Step 1 you decide that you would prefer one of the other types of coffee maker, the next step is to choose the type (drip, filter, percolator, French press, etc.). This article helps you decide.

Step 4 - Get the Beans:
Once you have invested in your own coffee maker, you will no doubt want to try different styles of beans and roasts. The articles in this section cover all you need to know.

Step 5 - Accessorize:
Accessories for coffee makers, machine and coffee lovers. From milk frothers to cups, mugs and filter paper, these articles will help you choose the right accessory.

Step 6 - Learn More About Coffee:
Once you begin learning about coffee, and indeed enjoying coffee, you will find that there is always more to know - coffee making is a continual learning curve. These articles are provided to help you enjoy that learning curve.

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